"Reaching guests we would otherwise not have the opportunity to serve...it's a very enjoyable partnership!"

-Brittany Ainsworth

Chick-fil-A Midland, TX

Who is Texas ToGo?

We are a restaurant marketing and delivery service that partners with local businesses to boost sales through offering online ordering and on-demand delivery to customers who can't (or won't) leave their homes, hotels, and offices.

What does Texas ToGo do?

  • 1
    Customer orders on the Texas ToGo App
  • 2
    The order is transmitted to your kitchen
  • 3
    We send a driver for delivery
  • 4
    You receive weekly direct deposits

Let's grow together

  • We've been rapidly growing a loyal fan base for over 6 years.  Our customers are now YOUR customers.

How Much Does it Cost?

  • Free to sign up
  • Cancel anytime
  • You pay $1/day and a small commission on deliveries from TexasTogo.com
  • View pricing options here